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 Virtual Reality Art Show

Launches on August 28th, 2020

This Friday, August 28, 7pm EST, we will open SuperRare’s second virtual reality art show, Atlantis, in VRChat. Exhibited in the VR world are 3D sculptures by CryptoSpectrVR_RosieCrypt0_BabybingkolandMatt BueltMarc-O-MaticMetageistpirate_sheeptrippyogiSpaced Painter, Scotbot, and more. This art event aims to explore the world of 3D and VR art, and to expand the possibilities of exhibition, experience, meaning of art and sculptures in the digital age.

Ways to Experience SuperRare - Atlantis


VRChat (Multiplayer)

Choose an character and hang out with your friends! You can talk, dance, explore this virtual gallery together.

  • DOES NOT Require a VR Headset

  • PC Only (No Mobile)

  • Must have Steam installed

  • Up to 24 people per room (multiple copies of the room)

  • Setup Tutorials on YouTube

  • Close VRChat then click the link below to join the room


Web Browser (Single Player)

Explore the virtual gallery on your computer's web browser without having to install anything.

  • Single Player Experience

  • Nothing to install, just a web page

  • PC or Mac computer (No mobile)

  • No interactive features

  • You are alone in the gallery


Youtube 360

Explore the virtual gallery on any Android or iOS device (or a computer) 

  • Guided Tour Experience

  • Mobile VR Headset recommended (such as Google Cardboard)

  • Can be experienced without a headset

  • You may see players in VRChat, but cannot interact with them

Coming Soon

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