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Panky Rang Productions Presents...


An Interactive Virtual Music Festival

June 26-28 2020

A BLACK LIVES MATTER Fundraising Event


Ways to Experience The Festival


VRChat (Multiplayer)

Choose an character and hang out with your friends! You can talk, dance, explore this virtual gallery together.

  • DOES NOT Require a VR Headset

  • PC Only (No Mobile)

  • Must have Steam installed

  • Up to 24 people per room (multiple copies of the room)

  • Setup Tutorials on YouTube

  • Close VRChat then click the link below to join the room


Twitch Stream

Experience the Virtual Festival from the eyes of someone in VRChat!

  • Explore the different stages and interactive elements from any computer or mobile device

  • Interact with the person operating the camera in the chat

  • If you want to just watch the streams:

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