About Illuminé

Our vision at Illuminé is to provide immersive interactive shared virtual reality (VR) experience for event goers to come meet, hangout, and enjoy an out of this world visual experience. During the day, the dome is a shade structure that provides a perfect place to congregate for any workshops including Yoga, classes, safety meetings, etc. From sundown to sunrise, the dome transforms in to a 360-degree mind blowing art experience that can provide a safe space for festival goers while exploring the vast universe of animated visionary art from a variety of world class artists.



We’ve recruited an incredible lineup of visual artists, motion graphics designers, and animators to help us build a digital library of mind-blowing content that will ensure that the dome stays fresh and visually stimulating.


Derrick Planz

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Steven McCorry

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Art Director / Content


Gary Wheat

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Danial Mason

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Music / Content

Lewis Spadaro

Software Developer

Matthew Shelby

Art / Build


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